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Executive Assistant - Bianca Stacey

Quality & Strategic Development Officer - Carroll Towney

Yidaagay Darrudaygu

(Becoming good for a Purpose)

Yidaagay Darrudaygu has become the motto for Galambila’s commitment to a quality framework  that is aligned to the strategic direction set down by the Board of Directors. We have commenced the development of Galambila’s Quality Framework that has a strong emphasise on cultural integrity.  It is anticipated that this work will be completed in 2016.

During the year I was involved with the development of the Mid North Coast Research Collaborative Partnership Agreement and the Mid North Coast Health Accord.  Both important measures to position Galambila to have greater input in the direction of Health Services that are being delivered in the region.

Another important aspect to the improvements that occurred during the year at Galambila is the establishment of the Rural Doctors Network Agreements with Allied and Specialist Services.  The management of these agreements allow us to self-determine the services required based on health needs and feedback from clients.  It also enable us to better coordinate and ensure that our clients are getting the best possible care.

It is been a year since we launched our Television Commercials for a Smoke-free-Community and what a success it was.  We are hoping to continue with our release of commercials, but it will be dependent on funding as the Tackling Smoking Program will be released for competitive tendering to which we do not have guarantee of ongoing funding.

We received fantastic feedback from clients and the community as to the great job that our Tackling Smoking & Healthy Lifestyle Team  -  Ready Mob are doing to support them to get healthy and quit smoking.

We have also changed our Clinical Service practice model to reduce waiting and consultation time.  The core of the change is for our Aboriginal Health Worker workforce to be the front line service undertaking basic health checks as agreed by the General Practitioners. 

This Annual Report is a tribute to the wonderful work that is being delivered by all the staff at Galambila and I thank them for their continued support and commitment.

Kristine Garrett
Chief Executive Officer