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It is with gratitude that I am able to give some insights into the operations of Galambila Aboriginal Health Service.

It is pleasing to see that since our independence in 2008 we have steadily grown and over the 2016/2017 year we have provided a service to 74% of the Coffs Harbour Aboriginal Community. As a result of the increased number of clients wanting to access the service at Galambila, our Medicare performance continues to improve and more focus is given to the practice model.

It is seen that this result is due to the continued efforts by the Board and Executive staff of the service continually attempting to provide a better work environment through ongoing negotiations with staff to develop an Enterprise Agreement (EA). This agreement is eagerly awaiting approval notification from the Fair Work Commission.

During 2016/17 Galambila were able to recruit skilled staff to the Human Resources role so that we can continue with providing quality staff development and a Pharmacist that has also led to providing significant health improvements to our mob.

Our continued investment in people has resulted in our former Clinical Services Manager and current Board member being marked for state wide training for Practice Managers and Australian Institute of Directors.

The NDIS Initiative commenced in 2016 so that Aboriginal people with a disability are able to access this program. The NDIS intention is to provide support to people with disability in our area and is based on the notion that everyone with disability is different and may require different types of support by being given flexibility and more choices over the supports they use.

Galambila has continued in our relationship with Professor Tony Broe and the Koori Growing Old Research Project to ensure that our Elders are getting the best possible care through their aging process.

Young Aboriginal men in the Mid North Coast are likely to become fathers at a young age without having experienced a father themselves. Many young Aboriginal fathers often feel out of place in a mainstream environment. Galambila staff have been involved in a project called Staying On Track, an online support initiative for young dads that attempts to diffuse a high degree of exclusion of Aboriginal fathers from the birth of their children that later effects the wellbeing of young Aboriginal families. Staying on Track has a useful role to play in support of young dads and it could develop into a relevant resource for Aboriginal men in the longer term.

During the year our CEO (Kristine Garrett) has been involved with increasing partnerships with the Mid North Coast LHD around My Health Record which is national digital health record system to store important health information so that Healthcare providers like doctors, specialists and hospital staff can see it online from anywhere at any time when they need to even if clients move or travel interstate, the information can be viewed securely.

NSW Health Project Reference Group for the development of the Key Performance Indicators and the new reporting portal.

Galambila2Go was launched in 2016 which has been successful. This intranet application enables staff to make announcements, provide event information, and inform all staff of their daily activities.

Through the continued commitment and advice from the Galambila Board, the staff have been able to develop a working culture throughout our service that motivates and maintains openness to ensure continued provision of high quality and professional health care services. I thank them all for their continued support and commitment.

 Yaarri Yarraang


 Alex Webb, Acting CEO.