Established in 1998, then incorporated in 2008, Galambila has been operating for 16 years.

Board of Directors

Reuben Robinson    Clark Webb     Christian Lugnan     Julie Carey        Kerrie Burnet      Dianne Anthony    Christine Robinson    Angela Cowan   


Giinagay Ngujawiny

We are proud to present Galambila's Annual Report for the 2015/2016 Financial Year and the achievements relating to this years theme 'Yidaagay Darrundaygu: Becoming good for a purpose!'. 

The continual improvements that have been made throughout the year have resulted in a record amount of Medicare Earnings on an ongoing monthly basis, as well as a noticeable increase in active clients and the number of visiting specialist services.  

All of which have contributed to greater enhanced services for our community and further complimenting Galambila’s overall Vision for “Greater Choices for Our Mob to Improve Health for All Stages of Life”.


"We Will Survive", 'We Will Thrive",

"We Will Prosper"


"A Healthier & Empowered Mob".

Yaarri Yarrang                                        
Reuben Robinson, Chairperson